Our current and future clients always have terrific questions about their pools. Sometimes they feel awkward asking those questions. This page is here to help you find quick and easy answers.


All work (material and labor) is normally warranted for a period of 1 year from date of completion


Terms of the contract usually requires a down payment and then scheduled installment payments upon completion of phases of the project.

Pool Water

JW Contracting does not include filling or refilling of the pool. However if water transportation is needed, JW Contracting will coordinate the delivery of water upon completion.

Pool Chemistry

JW Contracting supplies startup instructions and startup chemical additives for all pool finishes.  Customer will need to supply all normal maintenance chemicals.

Customer Responsibility

This includes providing access to the job site, a source of water, electricity and balancing pool water chemistry.


JW Contracting is always responsible for removal of all debris from the premises unless otherwise specifically stated.

Draining Pool

Draining of pool is always included in the scope of the proposed work to be done.

JW Contracting

Licensed and insured.