New Pool Overview

Design – The first step in any new pool project is the pool design. We will work with you to help you create your unique backyard outdoor living space.   Prior to design, the homeowner will need to provide a plat of the property, however, if no plat is available then you will need to secure a current plat from your county, city or a surveyor.  Whether you have your own design or we help you create your design we adhere to all state and local building codes.  You will be responsible for any HOA requirements.  We work with Landscape Architects and Engineers for grading plans or any other necessary design details.

Boundaries – The homeowner is responsible to meet all necessary boundary requirements.  The state of Virginia requires either a fence or an automatic pool cover to insure safety.  This will have to be in place prior to the final inspection.

Permits – Once we have a design and plans we will submit the application for the building and electrical permits.  Prior to permit approval process there will be a pre-site visit where the pool will be staked out in your backyard.  We will coordinate with you to ensure that the pool is staked as per designed prior to any excavation.

Excavation – Once we have the permit we will complete the excavation of the pool and all piping, electrical and drainage trenches. 

Plumbing – The next step includes the installation of schedule 40 pvc piping.

Steel & Bonding – After excavation and plumbing the steel reinforcement is installed as per engineer’s structural detail.  Upon completion of the steel, electrical bonding will be installed for the pool and around the deck as required by code.

Gunite – Gunite will be pneumatically applied to create the pool shell.  Once completed the pool shell should be hosed down daily for 7 days to minimize the normal shrinkage cracks that occur during the curing process.

Coping & Tile – Coping, of your choice, will be installed along the top of the pool edge.  There are many options to choose from including, brick, precast, paver coping, regular flagstone, irregular flagstone, bluestone, travertine and granite.  A frostproof tile will be installed along the waterline of your pool.  You will have a large selection of standard tiles to choose from as well as many upgrade tile options.

Equipment Installation – After the pool shell is in place, your equipment package will be installed.  In addition to your equipment package you will have many other options/additions such as heaters, heat pumps, salt generators, computer systems, and chlorinators.  Some installations may require a separate gas or propane professional.

Electric – The electrical pool package includes service from the house to the pool equipment and electrical hookup of all pool equipment.

Pool Deck – Pool decks can be installed upon completion of the coping/tile and mechanical work.  There are many options available to you which can include brushed concrete, adding color to your brushed concrete, exposed aggregate, irregular and regular flagstone, bricks, pavers or travertine in multiple pattern choices.

Pool Finish – Lastly the pool finish of your choice will be installed and the pool filled up upon completion.  There are many options to choose from such as white plaster, colored plaster, quartz, pebble, polish and granite.

Startup & Tutorial – We will give you a tutorial, instructions and pool maintenance tools to operate and maintain your pool.