Jose and Raphael just completed the repairs on the broken pool return lines of my pool and I can say that Jose and Raphael were professional to the highest degree.  They arrived exactly on the time promised, worked with a purpose to find and isolate the leak underground, and tested all of the return lines to be sure that was the only leak (which I don’t know how you knew from you initial visit, was in the exact spot you suspected).

All of the above ground testing, breaking of the concrete to minimalize damage to the decking, testing of the existing piping when the pipes were exposed and making the repairs was performed in a most professional and expedient manner. They also checked the entire plumbing system of the pool prior to finalizing the work.

The concrete decking was repaired so that it will look as though no repair work was performed when I put the finish brick texture on the concrete patch.  They cleaned all traces of earth from the deck, washed the surface and left the site in better shape than they found it.  All this was completed with only two men within the time frame you had estimated.

I would certainly use your firm for any future pool repairs when necessary, and I would highly recommend J W Contracting to any of my friends with pools.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you,
Purcellville, VA